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Relieve your stress

Here are 5 ways to reduce and overcome stress for those open to using CBD and or THC.

1. Focus on one simple task

Is your laundry list of tasks stressing you out? Start with one simple task. The Greenscreens team has implemented a “break it up” strategy. Instead of setting one big goal over a long period of time, we have broken up our goals into smaller pieces over shorter periods of time. Small goals are less overwhelming and sound more easily achievable than larger goals.

2. Plan your day

One way to keep stress at bay is to plan out your day. Write a schedule the day before, or the weekend before for the upcoming week. Stick to your schedule and set a timer if needed. Whether it is on paper or on your phone, tablet, or computer, make sure to mark each item as done. Not only is it satisfying to cross items off your list, but also makes it clear to see what is left and makes the list less overwhelming.

3. Exercise & breathe

For those working at home or constantly sitting at the office, take 5 minutes every hour to stretch. Do some simple stretches near your desk or get up and get some fresh air. We know work can get crazy and hectic and it may seem like you can’t possibly leave your desk, but if you’re stressed out and run down, you may not perform at 100% anyway.

4. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Many of us forget to eat proper meals during the day due to the stresses over every day work life. For some it may seem silly to set an alarm to eat lunch, or even drink enough water, but we often don’t realize we skipped lunch until it’s time for dinner. Many of us also forget to stay hydrated during the day or only allow ourselves coffee to stay hyper focused. (Me caffeinated: Anxious but faster).

5. Medicate & stay tuned

Meditating is a great tool to use when trying to overcome stress. It can be done at any time to clear your mind and get back on track. If you already meditate, it is a great way to increase focus and keeping calm in everyday chaotic situations.


Stay tuned for Greenscreens’ newest product COMING SOON. We are designing a product that will revolutionize the cannabis industry. It will not only help owners, managers and investors, but also dispensary staff and partners.

It is not only designed to make life easier and less stressful but also to avoid common mistakes, increase profit margins and enhance the overall dispensary experience.

These 5 tasks may seem simple, but if practiced regularly they are bound to help overcome stress. For those open to using CBD and or THC edibles or smokables, many of our partners carry amazing products that can help you through your day as well.

Now is the time to take control over your life, work smarter not harder and stay positive my friends!

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